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Island Line by South Western Railway

Train operator for the South West of England.



Having recently upgraded the Ryde to Sandown train service (Nov, 2021) on the Isle of Wight and renamed it to the Island Line, South Western Railway wanted to communicate the new name, the upgrades (including; new trains, revamped stations and improved tracks), and the features the new upgrades bring (including; wifi, comfort and convenience) to reassure commuters and increase customer confidence amongst those coming over to the Isle of Wight and considering travelling by train for the first time.

The Campaign

South Western Railway booked a three month campaign across all three of Wightlink’s ferry routes to ensure the news of the new Island Line reached local residents and tourists traveling over the festive period into the New Year. A short animated video advert communicated the upgrades and features as ferry passengers watched on.


South Western Railway reached their desired audience of local residents and tourists and raised significant awareness of the new Island Line and what it brings to the Isle of Wight, leaving viewers well informed, interested to find out more on their website, and more confident in the Island Line service.

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