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All Together At Beaulieu



In summer 2021, as lockdown lifted, Beaulieu were keen to raise public awareness that the doors of the National Motor Museum were open again. With people keen to get out and explore their local environs, travel to and from the Isle of Wight rapidly increased.


Beaulieu signed up with Madfrog for a Summer holiday campaign on all three routes for six weeks. Our demographic research had shown that visitors to the Isle of Wight travel from a wide area of the UK. With good access via road and rail from London, the home counties, the west country and further afield, the Isle of Wight is positioned as a highly popular destination for day trips, short staycations, and extended family holidays. Beaulieu, nearby in the New Forest, would be a tempting choice for a day excursion for those returning to the mainland.


Beaulieu’s ‘All together at Beaulieu’ campaign creative, produced by their own production company, was an effective animation illustrating their key offerings and reinforcing the Beaulieu brand. Maintaining brand identity through repeated exposure is a crucial strategy to embed a brand in the mind of potential customers so they remember your business and can find you easily with an online search. This campaign on Wightlink ferries was a successful part of Beaulieu’s wider awareness campaign.

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