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Jake Ellis

The Original Isle of Wight Sunglasses Company.



Jake Ellis, the original Isle of Wight sunglasses brand, wanted to enhance their local awareness and connect with customers who are outside and on an adventure during Black Friday.

The Campaign

Advertise the brand across our 120 advertising screens onboard Wightlink Ferries, providing locally unrivaled digital outdoor advertising to reach those with a strong sense of adventure.

Choosing Digital Out-of-Home Advertising meant the campaign was scheduled the very day the creative was produced and the advert could be updated at any point within minutes to keep the campaign fresh and effective.

This paired with Jake Ellis’ online advertising campaign across Google Ads and Facebook Ads meant the increase to online searches for the Jake Ellis brand generated by the outdoor advertising was the first search result customers saw. Geographical remarketing campaigns found customers who were interested but had not searched for the brand at the time of seeing the advert, re-engaging them with great effect.


Jake Ellis connected with their intended audience of outdoor adventurers and raised significant awareness for the brand and products, all within just two weeks over Black Friday.

The campaign increased customers searching for the Jake Ellis brand by 575% points and drove website traffic up by 60% points.

While website traffic increased, customers also stayed longer to familiarise themselves with the Jake Ellis brand. The average time a customer spend on the website increased by 112% points.

  • Brand Search Click-Through: +575%
  • Website Traffic: +60%
  • Session Duration: +112%
  • Returning Website Visitors: +100%
  • Mobile Users: +68%

Source: Jake Ellis

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