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Never Mind The Buzzcocks on Sky TV

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With the return of Never Mind The Buzzcocks on Sky TV hosted by comedian Greg Davis and with team captains Noel Fielding and Daisy May Cooper, Sky TV wanted to let viewers in the UK it was back with a new host and team captains, and now on the new Sky channel Sky Max.

The Campaign

Sky opted for a short high-impact saturation campaign on Wightlink Ferries during the weeks of the Isle of Wight Festival when tens of thousands of tourists, mostly aged 18-40, make their way to the Island for the popular music festival, this being the target audience for Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Sky provided a version of their TV advert to promote on the Madfrog screens to show ferry passengers what the new Never Mind The Buzzcocks show would have in store for them when they tune in.


Sky connect with their intended 18-40 audience and successfully raised significant awareness for the new series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Compounded by Sky’s greater UK advertising campain, the new series on Never Mind The Buzzcocks saw millions of people in the UK tune in on the night and later on demand.

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