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Bob Ede TV Limited

Bob Ede TV Limited

Madfrog is the trading name of Bob Ede TV Ltd. We have worked in mainstream broadcast TV since 1980, corporate production since 1992 and digital signage since 2007. Our broadcast and corporate credits can be read here: Broadcast & Corporate Credits.

We took over the contract to exclusively manage WightlinkTV, the screens onboard the Wightlink fleet in 2018, followed by The Guildhall Portsmouth in 2019 and Stoke Fruit Farm in 2020. We have further expansion planned for the near future.

Madfrog Rebrand 2019

We were previously best known as WightlinkTV; the name of our original screen location. When we added The Guildhall Portsmouth to the network we needed a new name to encompass both sites along with any future venues/locations. So Madfrog was born and we launched with new branding.

How We Operate

As Madfrog we offer fully managed screen advertising and information solutions for clients, including installation of state-of-the-art displays, internet connected media players and control systems to display tailored content to audiences across branded screen networks.

Our managed service includes assessing the potential for us to sell advertising airtime around a clients content to generate revenue to fund the screen network.

Alternatively, a client may fund the purchase and installation of equipment to secure ownership and leave the management and day to day running of the network to Madfrog.

Whichever solution suits the client best, and advertising revenue profit sharing agreement is negotiated to reflect the proportion of costs born by the client and Madfrog.

Would you like digital signage on your premises? Contact us to have a no obligation chat about the options and how Madfrog can help.