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Madfrog have in-house production facilities but we are more than happy to assist your chosen producer and provide them with our technical spec for deliverables.


Know what you want to say and who you want to say it to.


Share your plan with our producers and let them create a solution.


Go on air with one of Madfrog’s tailored airtime packages.

Producing your Advert

Your producer will need a written brief; what you want to say and who you want to say it to. They can then work with you within your budget, to develop ideas to convey your message in a creative, compelling and compact form. This may involve research, recce’s, meetings and script proposals for you to assess and sign-off. Once signed-off, a shooting schedule will be agreed and filming can take place. Post-production (editing) follows and you will have opportunities to view and request changes to your advert/s before they are delivered to Madfrog. Videos must be produced to a standard format and Madfrog’s technical spec can be downloaded below.

Download Screen Tech Spec

Keep it Short and Simple

  • Minimal Text
  • Strong Moving Visuals
  • Prominent Branding
  • Clear Call to Action

A well produced video should grab the attention and drive an audience to want to find out more. Let strong visuals do their work without being cluttered with too much text. Keep your brand logo on screen for as long as possible – it’s important viewers remember your brand so they can find out more with a Google search. End with a strong ‘call to action’.

How Much Text?

Our screens are silent (no audio) so video, stills and text are your tools. Text should be used sparingly and designed to be easily read. For example, in a 30 second ad you might typically have around 80 words split into eight separate captions. The font size of the main text should be no smaller than 36 pixels, ideally larger. Avoid small text, weak colours and fancy fonts. Text movement can lead the eye to read your message, but don’t over do it, and avoid crawling text.

What Else?
  • No Strobe/Flashing Effects
  • Family Friendly

There are other production considerations to bear in mind which are covered in our technical document and include such things as avoiding strobe or flashing effects and ensuring all content is suitable for family audiences. Please note, we don’t operate a watershed system!

Download Screen Tech Spec

Madfrog Productions

Madfrog do have in-house video production facilities which are available upon request.

Our Aim

Madfrog strive to ensure your ad is produced to the highest standards, so we will offer feedback to producers in the nicest possible way! Our aim always is to ensure your advertising campaigns are successful and reach the maximum audiences possible.