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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about digital screen advertising.

How much does it cost to advertise with Madfrog?

We have packages to suit all budgets. Take a look at our online booking page.

If you have a specific budget that you have to work with, get in touch with Claire and she can see what she can do to build a package that works for you.

Do I need a video advert?
You don’t need to commission a video advert, although if your budget will allow this is definitely the most effective way of capturing your customers attention. If you have some great stills, or eye catching artwork these can be used to create an advert for the screens. There are many easy to use pieces of software available that allow you to add some movement to the advert such as moving text, or animation and these can work really well.

We are always on hand for advice and help if you’d like to discuss your advert with us.

How many times will my advert be shown?
Your advert will be shown on every screen, on every ferry, on every crossing on your chosen route if advertising on our WLTV screens. If you advertise on our Guildhall screens it will be shown on every screen inside the Guildhall.

On WLTV we guarantee a minimum of one showing per crossing however due to the fact that the programme continually plays in reality your advert is likely to get 2-3 plays per crossing.

For both WLTV and the Guildhall we can provide you with a report giving the number of showings your advert received during your campaign.

Can I change my advert mid campaign?
Yes you can. Due to the flexibility of our network and the fact we can upload and have your advert live within minutes, if you need to change your message or would like a fresh advert mid campaign we can easily accommodate that.
If you provide your adverts then as long as we have your new artwork and it meets the technical spec we can upload instantly.

If we have created the advert for you we will need notice to make the changes to the advert. If its a simple text change there is usually no charge for this. If we have to do a larger re-edit we will talk to you about what’s required and provide a quote for approval before doing anything. You should expect to pay no more than £150 + VAT for this unless we need to come out and film new footage for you.

How much notice do you need to start an advertising campaign?
If you have the advert ready to go, we can move incredibly quickly. We have had campaigns go from initial enquiry to live on screen in less that 24 hours.

Have more questions?

We are always happy to help, please contact us.