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Madfrog have in-house production facilities but we are more than happy to assist your chosen producer and provide them with our technical spec for deliverables.

Photo and Video

CAA Approved Drone Operator

Madfrog is a CAA approved drone operator with a Permission for Commercial Operations licence. We offer video, photography, inspections and surveys using drones for both interior and exterior shoots. Bob Ede is Madfrog’s PfCO approved drone pilot with many hours flying experience, see our AirData flight logs and hours below. Madfrog operate within the strict CAA rules governing the commercial use of SUA (Small Unmanned Aircraft) and this includes a full depth risk assessments to ensure each flight is carried out safely. As a PfCO operator, Madfrog carry Public Liability Insurance with cover from £1m. This can be increased if the job requires. We also carry Privacy Invasion insurance in the unlikely event that a third party may claim their privacy has been invaded by aerial video or photography.

CAA Registration #12508

We are undergoing our PfCO to GVS conversion course with iRed Academy to update our CAA licencing.

Professional Drone Services
CAA Approved

Approved Drone Operator by the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom.

Commercial Licence

Approved Commercial Operations Licence by the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom.

Experienced Pilot

Experienced Drone Pilot with Hundreds of Logged Individual Flights and Many Hours in Flight Time.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liabiltiy Insurance of £1m as Standard which is Assessed and Increased per Job if Needed to Protect the General Public.

Privacy Invasion Insurance

Privacy Invasion Insurance as Standard to Protect Against any Privacy Concerns of the Public while Operating.

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